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Sugar 'n' Slice Liverpool menu

Yummy pizzas and delectable desserts are the top-most specialties of our outlet. We have included a wide variety of pizza, desserts takeaway menus in our catalogue. Among our Pizza recipes, please order BBQ Chicken Special Pizza, Veggie Supremo Hot Pizza, and Meathead Pizza. Please note, we serve more than fifteen different menu options for the pizzas. Please feel free to order your favourite pizza recipe from us. Starting from vegetarian pizzas to the non-vegetarian pizzas, our outlet has so many choice options that are ready to serve your appetite. Other than that, we serve a bunch of Waffles, such as Strawberry Delight Waffle, Reese's Cups Waffle, and The Millionaire Waffle. On top of these Waffle and Pizza recipes, we have two Garlic Bread menus as well -- plain Garlic Bread and Garlic Bread with Cheese. Furthermore, you may even order our Cookie Dough menus. There are two Cookie Dough recipes, such as Cookie Dough and Cookie Dough Pizza. We have got various choice options for the Milkshakes too. Some amazing Milkshakes recipes include Terry’s Chocolate Orange Milkshake, Cherry Bakewell Milkshake, Custard Cream Milkshake, and much more too. Additionally, we have some Special Shakes for you too. Please feel free to place an order for any of these Special Shakes menus -- The American Pie Shake, The Flying Lotus Shake, and Rodger The Dodger Shake. Let us now acquaint you with our Specialties recipes -- Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Biscoff Covered Strawberries. Other menu options are Dip, Extras, and Drinks.

About Sugar 'n' Slice Liverpool menu

Sugar 'n' Slice has got some outstanding preparations for pizza and desserts for the connoisseurs. We have various choice options for pizza lovers. If you are a pizza lover and you are looking forward to trying some salivating preparations, then you have surely landed on the right page. We take pride in stating that there's no better place in the Liverpool area that serves you amazing pizza takeaway menus like us. After having a delectable lunch or dinner with our lip-smacking pizza recipe, you can further enlighten your taste-buds with some desserts as well. We have got several choice options for our desserts that you can order too. So, without any more hesitation, aren't you ready to place an online order for both pizzas and desserts? You can easily place an order with us through our mobile apps (download them from App Store or Google Play). For more details, please check the following sections and quickly place an order with us.

Sugar 'n' Slice Liverpool restaurant

Located in a posh area of Liverpool, Sugar 'n' Slice welcomes you. Please note down our address so that you can visit our outlet without any issue. Our outlet address is 88 Aigburth Road, Liverpool L17 7BN. At our outlet, we have the options for both takeaway and delivery service. Based on your preference, you can choose for any of the available options and we are ready to present you the most satisfying food experience. Seasoned with locally-grown ingredients, our pizza menus are so delicious. Also, our desserts are ready too to fulfil your sweet tooth cravings. So, place an order with us now.